We truly believe that every event is worth capturing and we do our best to make professional filming services affordable for everyone.
We advise getting in touch with us as early as possible to reserve us for your event!
Our special offer includes
all of the below:
  1. Filming
    Up to half an hour of filming is included!
  2. Delivery
    We will deliver the final product to you within 1 week.
  3. Editing
    We edit the footage and add any effects, keeping in mind your personal expectations
or find out about our additional services below...
In a hurry ? Organising a long event? Need some extra revisions? We offer additional services suitable for all your needs. 
Please inform us if your requirement is not listed, we will be happy to help. 
  1. Filming
    You can book additional filming at a base rate of £60 an hour.
  2. Fast delivery
    You can order an urgent delivery for £59 if you need to receive your film within 3 days.
  3. Pictures
    We can also offer you a photo slideshow for £30 and photo prints starting from £5 a photo
  4. Copyright
    Exclusive copyright for the video materials can be purchased for £300.
  5. Revision
    We charge £49 per additional revision.
We aim to keep costs to a minimum to offer you the most affordable price for our services. While booking you may be charged with some extra fees, due to the scenario of your event. 
  1. Weekend / Bank holidays
    Due to a high level of requests, booking on weekends and bank holidays are subject to a £15 surcharge.
  2. Transport
    Travel within London zones 1-3 is included in our base price. Beyond that travel expenses must be paid.